Vintage Now specialises in an exclusive range of hand beaded flapper dresses.

Our unique dresses take between 70 and 90 hours to hand bead. These dresses will endure through time because of the fine craftsmanship used to fabricate. Each design has a matching slip to highlight the fine beading enabling the dress to be worn not for one event but to many in the future.

Our aim is for the wearer of these dresses to shine at any event as the bride, mother of the bride, bridesmaids, milestone birthday or attendee at any glamorous event.

After much research and many sleepless nights bent over a drawing board, we were ready to begin the mammoth task of creating reproduction 1920’s beaded flapper dresses.

Made exclusively for Vintage Now, this luxurious collection of beaded Flapper dresses were designed by Linda De Clario, who endeavoured to create a product of the highest quality by retaining an unadulterated respect for the essence of the Art Deco traditions of design and craftsmanship whilst producing a gown of timeless elegance. Each dress was designed with beading artisans and pattern makers in the pursuit of excellence, resulting in this exquisite collection of flapper dresses.

Designs are based on the traditional silhouette of the Chicago 1920’s flapper dresses ,these beaded and sometimes fringed and tassel designs are reflective of the Charleston era: classy, feminine and flirty.

Merging original design ideas and style with the faithful reproduction of the Jazz Age fashion era, this collection is suitable for a modern 21st Century woman.

“In order to be sensational, one must always be different” Coco Chanel

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